Zirkova Together Vodka

Made In Ukraine

Zirkova Together is crafted in the Cherkasky region of Ukraine, the geographic birthplace of vodka, by generations of proud Ukrainians. Crafted from the finest wheat and rye spirits and artesian water, Zirkova Together is quadruple distilled and filtered for optimum smoothness and drinkability.

Crafted For Exceptional Cocktails

Zirkova Together’s proprietary recipe elevates the flavours with which it’s combined to create superbly balanced cocktails. It has a mysterious finesse that enhances flavors. While most vodkas give a sharp, sour edge to the beverage with which they are mixed, Zirkova Together’s delightfully aromatic spirits and perfectly mineralized water interact with the mix, making the cocktail ingredients fuse and blossom.

Cocktails with Zirkova Together

earl grey tea punch

Earl Grey
Tea Punch

berry watermelon lemonade martini

Berry Watermelon
Lemonade Martini



What does Zirkova Together Taste Like?


“To say the experience was enjoyed by all would be an understatement. The flavours absolutely ‘popped’. Everything tasted cleaner, spicier, yeastier (you get the idea) and of course better. The Cosmo made with Zirkova Vodka was stunning. The rye-like spice in the vodka really took shape in the cocktail, and the result was a drink we all enjoyed completely. In fact, panelist ‘Lukasz’ proclaimed this Cosmo to be the best he had ever had, in his words ‘the perfect Cosmo.'”

The Rum Howler

70 calories


gluten free

Gluten Free

vegan friendly

Vegan Friendly



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