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Zirkova Hot Honey

Made In Ukraine

Zirkova Hot Honey is a modern adaptation of the classic Ukrainian honey-pepper vodka, an infusion of natural honey and chili peppers. Inheriting Zirkova One’s sensationally smooth mouthfeel and Zirkova Together’s flavour enhancement abilities, Zirkova Hot Honey is the perfectly balanced explosion of sweet and heat.

The Perfect Blend
Of Sweet Heat

Zirkova Hot Honey is delicious when enjoyed straight but is exceptional in cooking and cocktails too, especially Caesars!
Pairs excellently with pickled vegetables, sweet sausage and sourdough bread.

Cocktails with Zirkova Hot Honey

fashioned hot honey vodka drink

Hot Honey

sweet and spicy rita vodka drink

Sweet and
Spicy Rita

flaming caesar

Flaming Caesar

What is Zirkova Hot Honey Like?


“The nectar from the honey produces a sweet yet earthy smell followed by a bold punch of spicy citrus from the honey pepper. A perfectly balanced explosion of sweet and heat with hints of citrus and a long, warm finish, Hot Honey is extraordinary.”

Casey Wing, Chief Marketing Officer, Zirkova Vodka

gluten free

Gluten Free

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