Introducing Zirkova Unity Vodka

Crafted in Canada by our Ukrainian Master Distiller

As a response to the Invasion of Ukraine

Now Available in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

100% of Profits from Zirkova Unity are donated to Ukraine and its People

100% of Profits from Zirkova Unity Vodka are donated to Ukraine and its People

Our Vodkas

Zirkova One Vodka Bottle

One Vodka

Zirkova Together Vodka Bottle

Together Vodka

Zirkova Unity Vodka Bottle

Unity Vodka

zirkova together x everything delish

Zirkova Together
X Just Be You

Zirkova Together Hot Honey Vodka Bottle

Hot Honey
Limited Edition


Award Winning Spirits
from the Birthplace of Vodka

zirkova one and together bottles

Coming Soon to an LCBO Near You!

Try our Cocktail Recipes

fashioned hot honey vodka drink

Hot Honey

spicy chipotle pineapple martini vodka drink

Spicy Chipotle
Pineapple Martini

sweet and spicy rita vodka drink

Sweet and
Spicy Rita

rosemary lemonade vodka drink

Pear and
Rosemary Fizz

strawberry freckled lemonade vodka drink

Strawberry Freckled Lemonade

blue unity vodka drink

Blue Unity

Be Yourself.
Mix Well
With Others.

Zirkova stands for the freedom to be who you are.
We create and inspire uplifting moments that bring us together.
Zirkova Vodka Bottles

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Now Available in Saskatchewan!

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