Our Craft


Historical records show that 600 years ago, the first vodkas were made in the Cherkasy Region. At the time it was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Today, it’s in the geographic centre of Ukraine – where Zirkova is crafted.
Vodka is legendary in Ukraine. The craft of making vodka has been passed down from generation to generation. This tradition is something we respect, embrace and uphold, making our vodka not only rich in quality but also in heritage and authenticity.


People enjoy vodka in essentially two ways. One way is neat, with soda or martinis – when the vodka is front centre. People also use vodka to craft cocktails and martinis. Both must be free of odors and mouth burn, which is why both Zirkova One and Zirkova Together are crafted with exceptional centre-cut, quadruple-distilled spirits. But we have used proprietary processes to develop two equal- but different-Ultra Premium Vodkas. Each excels at what they were designed to do best.



Zirkova One is masterfully crafted to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with soda or in a classic martini – anything where the vodka is front and centre. Zirkova One’s unique recipe and proprietary treatment imparts delicate, yet distinct and complex flavors, with a shockingly smooth, velvety mouthfeel and a tantalizing, long finish. Zirkova One is the ultimate sipping vodka and makes an astonishing vodka martini.

“It’s complex and starts out all cool and smooth, like a wave of chill stroking the palate. Then it expands with flavors of warm toast, vanilla beans, hints of aniseed and mint, before ending with an almost creamy almond finish that lingers for ages. Gorgeous stuff.”
– Carolyn Evans- Hammond, Tidings Magazine


Zirkova Together is a singular vodka created for mixing into drinks and cocktails. Zirkova Together’s proprietary recipe elevates the flavors with which it’s combined to create superbly balanced cocktails. It has a mysterious finesse that enhances flavors. While most vodkas give sharp, sour edge to the beverage with which they are mixed, Zirkova Together’s delightfully aromatic spirits and perfectly mineralized water interact with the mix, making the cocktail ingredients fuse and blossom. Despite the fact that we designed Together to work in cocktails, it is quite brilliant neat. In fact, a minority of people might prefer it even to Zirkova One- and certainly to most lesser vodkas.

“To say the experience was enjoyed by all would be an understatement. The flavors absolutely ‘popped’. Everything tasted cleaner, spicier, yeastier (you get the idea) and of course better. The Cosmo made with Zirkova Vodka was stunning. The rye-like spice in the vodka really took shape in the cocktail, and the result was a drink we all enjoyed completely. In fact, panelist ‘Lukasz’ proclaimed this Cosmo to be the best he had ever had, in his words ‘the perfect Cosmo”.
– The Rum Howler


Zirkova partnered with one of the world’s foremost vodka masters, who holds a PhD in the art and science of vodka making, to create the two unique blends that are Zirkova One and Zirkova Together.

Our vodkas begin with wheat and rye grown in the rich black earth of Ukraine. Often referred to as “ the breadbasket of Europe”. Ukraine has the most fertile and lush agricultural land on earth – a full 1/3 of the world’s rich black-earth soil, containing large amounts of humus- the rich organic component of soil, which is full of calcium, phosphorus, lime and other natural fertilizers. This fecund land yields hearty wheat that adds subtle notes of anise seed, pepper and lemon zest, and rye that imparts a delicate nutty sweetness to our vodkas. We believe vodka, like wine, can have terroir. Terroir gives grapes their sense of place – they are grown in the soil and environment in which those grapes are planted. They are determined how those grapes will taste and how the wine will taste. Zirkova vodkas have terroir. Our vodka mill dates back to 1896 and is the idea location to realize our commitment to honoring the traditions and craftsmanship of vodka making, while incorporating modern processes.



Zirkova One + Zirkova Together are distilled four times from the finest Ukrainian grain spirits to create an ideal balance of smoothness and character. Our vodka master selects only the center cut spirits or “Tsar’s Cut”, eliminating the lighter spirits which cause the medicinal smell found in most vodkas and removing the heavier spirits, which cause burn on the palate. It is a true mixture of art and science, as the spirits must also be perfectly matched to the unique characteristics of the water, with which they will be blended.



Since vodka is approximately 60% water, sourcing the finest water is essential to crafting superior vodka. After distillation, our ultra premium spirits are blended with this extraordinary artesian water from Zolotonosha – a live flowing, underground water source of extreme purity and perfect mineralization.

Though local folklore holds that the water even has healing powers, it’s actually the unique mineral balance of Zolotonosha water that contributes to the harmonizing flavours of the most superior vodka.

Many vodka brands make claims about their water source, while most use purified municipal water that has been re-mineralized. Zirkova employs a proprietary and patented gentle 5-step purification process to remove biological matter while maintaining the water’s taste and mineralization.



Zirkova honours filtration with the respect that it deserves – it is one of the most critical processes to making the finest of vodkas. Zirkova vodkas are slow-filtered through massive columns, containing 300 kilograms of birch charcoal and gravity-fed through quartz sand. It is not about simply removing impurities; it is a classical method, a controlled reaction between water, sprits and charcoal. While most vodka makers mechanically filter their liquid through charcoal dust in small filters, this quick and cheap method strips the vodka of its inherent taste and character. Zirkova’s slower, more rarely used method purifies the vodka while leaving the subtle flavours of its quality ingridents intact.